Get Yourself Telecommuting!

gytImagine that your employer has just said you can work from home two days a week, or two weeks a month. That is, you can try such a work arrangement and later make it permanent if there aren’t any problems. What can you do to abet your chances of success?

You have two goals. The first is to show that you can be more productive than you are in the office. The second is to make your absence from the office as trouble free as possible. Coworkers should be able to reach you easily, and you should receive information and deliver work to the office without causing unusual disruptions of work patterns.

It will not be hard to show a productivity gain; since you’ll have fewer distractions, you’ll produce more. But trying to set up a smooth communications system has been my bane since I began telecommuting in 1985. It will probably be yours too. So …


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