Keeping Your Anger Chilled

Each of us from time to time experience so-called negative emotions. One of these is anger. Often persons become distressed with others and consider taking drastic action on the spur of the moment to correct what they think is an unfair circumstance. But, wait a minute. Does anger really pay?

There are two ways this emotion can affect you: physically and psychologically. Anger can bring about high blood pressure, ulcers, indigestion, and headaches, as well as disturb your sleep. Individuals, in this state of mind, tend to think unclearly and make irrational judgments. Often criminals plead insanity because they were intensely angry when the offense was committed.

Anger can also have an influence on personal relationships. Few of us enjoy communicating with anyone who is angry. It is alright to have a disagreement with another and to express that in a civilized manner. Debate is healthy. But, it is quite different to physically or emotionally


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