Travel Writing As A Career – Just Amazing

Fair warning: At least in the beginning, travel writing can seem more like an expensive hobby than a remunerative career. Consider those first months or years spent learning your craft as higher education, as if you were working your way through college. Keep your day job; earning a regular salary lets you focus on improving your craft as a writer rather than worrying about ways to keep the roof over your head. During this apprenticeship period it’s important to seize every opportunity for publication that comes your way. Markets accessible to newcomers are often low paying. Don’t let this deter you. Few experiences in life are as rewarding as seeing your byline in print. Equally important, your first-published efforts provide “clips,” eventual springboards to higher-paying markets.

Yes, I can hear you saying, but with an attitude like that, how can I afford a top-of-the-line computer? I’ll tell you a secret: You don’t really need one! This


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