Registering Users Can Mean Solid Profits

nurBefore you start registering users of your company’s Web site, experts say you should ask two questions: What do you want to know, and how can you help your prospects by knowing it?

The result of the Web registration process is a registration database. This can be a valuable tool, said Seth Goldin, president of Yoyodyne, an Irvington, N.Y., company that runs contests aimed at collecting such databases for marketers, but only if you follow the rules.


The first rule, he says, is request only what you can use, then use it. Second, scale the back-end that houses the database so it can grow as your customer base grows.

“It’s easy to maintain a database of under 10,000 people. But when databases grow past that point, many companies have been hurt by being unable to respond, via e-mail, to market demands from the database,” Mr. Goldin says.

As for what data …


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